About Dandymen

Why choose Dandymen? Because you care about your hair. 

Taking care of your scalp and hair with Dandymen products will create healthy hair. By putting quality products on your hair and scalp, it removes the buildup and helps lead to less hair loss, encourages new growth and produces stronger hair. It’s the perfect recipe for good hair days.

It doesn't hurt that our products smell really good. 

The Dandymen Collection is Barber Built. But what exactly does that mean?

It is formulated, tested, and signed off on by professionals in the industry. The product's main goal is to preserve scalp and hair health, while effortlessly styling your hair with products that feel like nothing but hold like something. We have eliminated the water resistant chemicals that build up on the scalp. By removing these, it helps alleviate clogged follicles and minimize dandruff and flaking often caused by those ingredients.

Our founder and CEO, Lucas Kemper, is a luminary in the men’s hair care world. Lucas owns and operates Illume Barber Shop in Bentonville, AR. He is an educator for Andis and member of Popular Nobody, a team of professional educators focused on helping barbers develop and run sustainable businesses.

Dandymen Collection delivers barber crafted men's hair care products to the mainstream consumer market through retail outlets with the most competitive rates to our customers. 

We are here to help educated our Dandy customers on the importance of product ingredients and grooming routines to ultimately take better care of your hair and scalp.

Our product formulations are designed for simplicity and performance. The Dandymen Collection of products are easy to apply, provide all day hold, and washout with ease while providing long term benefits to their scalp and hair.