What Sets Us Apart

Expertise in Action: Our products are crafted from real-world barbering experience, blending artistry and science for unmatched results.

Uncompromising Quality: We source the finest global ingredients and rigorously test each product to exceed expectations.

Innovation-Driven: We set trends, not follow them. Our R&D team constantly creates groundbreaking formulations.

Customer-Centric: Your feedback shapes our brand, incorporating insights from both professionals and everyday users.

Sustainability: We prioritize eco-friendly practices, ensuring our products respect both you and the planet.

Built by barbers.

Unsatisfied with grooming products that leave residue, cause buildup, and block follicles, our founder—a seasoned barber—set out to revolutionize men’s grooming. At DandyMen Collection, our products are meticulously crafted by industry professionals who understand hair’s DNA and know what it takes to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Tested by hundreds of barbers on thousands of clients, our products are designed to deliver superior performance and unparalleled results. We use only the highest-grade ingredients, ensuring every product reflects our commitment to excellence.

Meet Our Founder

Our founder and CEO, Lucas Kemper, is a luminary in the men’s hair care world. Lucas owns Illume Barber Shop in Bentonville, AR. He is an educator for Andis, a. celebrity barber, member of Popular Nobody, and continues to set trends in the Professional space.